7 Flights and 3 States Later

I use the term “state” loosely because one of them was actually the District of Columbia, but I’m counting it. Over the past five days, I’ve taken a total of seven flights to visit schools in North Carolina, Colorado, and DC. I’ve had layovers in New Jersey and Georgia too, but airports don’t count as actual visits.

I’d never been to NC or CU before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The biggest difference I found was how friendly everyone was compared to the Northeast. People said “hello” back to me, they were warm, and they were always helpful. I understand, as a tourist, that I was probably getting the best side of things, but everyday people on the street were just as nice. It was a refreshing change to the generally gruff attitudes I was used to.

Besides that, the things that will stay with me are: that North Carolina is warm, you can’t get anywhere without a car, and anything said with a North Carolinian accent will take me a second longer to process and understand. (Seriously, I’m pretty sure some people thought English wasn’t my first language because of how long it took me to respond.) Colorado is absolutely beautiful, everyone there loves nature, and the mountains are amazing. It actually reminded me of California a little bit in how there were so many people outside running, biking, or just walking. In Boulder, I saw people rock climbing, or fishing in the streams that run right through town.

Next was DC, which I think is a great city. I love visiting it, and this time was no different. The weather was great, and the cherry blossoms were even beginning to bloom. In another half a week they’ll be perfect, but I still got to see some pretty nice trees around the Tidal Basin.

This was also the farthest trip I’ve taken on my own. It was fun and a little intimidating to know that if I made a mistake or got lost, I’d have to get myself out of it.

And lastly, two more states off the list! Only 33 more to go.

Visiting colleges, gotta see the track. #trackieprobs #trackandfield #runner

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Cherry blossoms by the Tidal Basin in DC. #Washington #DC #cherryblossoms #spring

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