The Cathedral of Notre Dame

Bon Voyage (6, final)

Salut! This is my sixth entry of a two week stay in France. I’m here with 15 other students as part of my school’s exchange program. Specifically, I’m staying in Saint Germain-de-la-Grange, a town outside of Versailles (about 45 minutes from Paris). I’m staying with Victor’s family, the exchange student who stayed with me for two weeks in February.

This is the final post from my trip. You can find all of the previous posts here.

Wednesday, 4/24
My classmates and I started of the day by going to a creperie. Although crepes seem pretty simple, we were presented with a full menu of the different ways crepes could be served. Turns out there’s a lot of ways they can be cooked, and a lot of things you can put on top of them.

Next we went to Parly 2, a regular shopping mall, but with more French. They had everything, even a shop devoted just to ties.

Thursday, 4/25
Today, we Americans began the day by visiting Sainte Chapelle, which was beautiful. The main room you walk into is impressive enough, but the second floor with the stained glass windows is just amazing.

Next, Notre Dame!

Then we ended the day by sampling the crepe shops and boulangeries in the Latin Quarter!

Friday, 4/26
As today was our last full day, The Americans spent it being as touristy as possible. We started the day by heading back to the Latin Quarter and buying last minute souvenirs and cramming our faces with croissants. Then we went to Galeries Lafayette, the mall to end all malls. Most malls are divided up by store, with hallways between each one. Here, there was no division between one store and the next, and there was no open space. It was jam packed, super expensive, and very cool. The roof is carpeted in fake grass, and lets you look over the rooftops of Paris.

Saturday, 4/27
Today was bittersweet, as the end of any trip is. We woke up around 8 to get to the airport at 10:30, where we said long goodbyes. Then, sooner than I thought possible, we were on the plane and off.

There are a couple ways to say goodbye in French, but my favorite is a la prochaine, which translates to ‘until next time’. I like it because it implies that this isn’t the end, and you’ll see the other person again.

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