West Coast Road Trip

Three states, one territory (British Columbia), a 17% downhill grade (San Fransisco), one coyote sighting (Oregon), and gallons (probably) of gas station coffee were all part of the 14 day journey covering 2243 miles North to South along the West Coast.

Day One – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Caught the solar eclipse through the glass awning of a Starbucks.

85% solar eclipse! #sun #moon

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Day Two – Seattle, WA

In the morning I reentered my country playing God Bless the U.S.A. and in the evening looked out on the city of Seattle from the Space Needle. 160 miles.

Day Three – Seattle, WA

At breakfast at Pike Place market, where fish are thrown and can be shipped anywhere in the country overnight. Had lunch on a houseboat and got up close to massive cargo ships being loaded.

Day Four – Portland, OR

Reveled in public transportation by taking an aerial tram. 203 miles.

Day Five – Driving South

Visited Mt. Hood and passed teams of runners headed to the coast in the (possibly) longest relay in the world. Drove to Crater Lake but could barely see the water because of the heavy smoke from wildfires raging throughout the state. 415 miles.

Day Six – Ashland, OR

Whitewater rafting 2,3,4, and 4+ rapids on the Upper Klamath River.

No one left the boat so the water joined us.

Day Seven – Driving South

526 miles logged on the road featuring plains, valleys, rivers, Redwood forests, and one tree wide enough to drive through. Also a roadside stand selling 5 avocados for $0.99.

Day Eight – Driving South

A misty morning drive over the Golden Gate Bridge through San Fransisco and a day filled with animals in the wild and at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 315 miles.

Day Nine – Los Angeles, CA

A very hot and very sunny city with lots of cars. 231 miles.

Day Ten and Eleven – Los Angeles, CA

Strolled down the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and the studios on Sunset Boulevard. 0 miles.

Day Twelve – San Diego, CA

Ran up to the Hollywood sign and then sat in one nonstop traffic jam headed south. Ate delicious fish and crab cakes by the water. 150 miles.

Los Angeles from behind the Hollywood sign. #Hollywood #running #LosAngeles

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Day Thirteen – Cuyamaca, CA

Into the mountains and away from cell service (gasp)! 70 miles.

Day Fourteen – Los Angeles, CA

Tried to take some early morning star photos before a day of driving back to LA and packing up. 173 miles.


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