NSLI-Y Morocco Summer 2015 at their PDO

A New Year, A New Group

Two years later, and I’m back in New York City for the NSLI-Y Morocco Summer Pre-Departure Orientation! This time I’m here as an alumni of the trip to help prepare the newest group of NSLI-Y finalists to head off to Rabat.

Being here has brought back so many memories, and done a good job of reminding me what I’ve forgotten in two years. It’s disheartening to find I’ve lost many of the basic conversation skills I relied on everyday in Morocco, but simultaneously inspiring to realize just how much this new group is going to learn. It makes me want to find all my old handouts and take a new look at them!

Like the alumni at my PDO, Ryan, my role was to be available during the orientation to answer questions and offer advice and tips from my own experience on everything from cultural immersion to the public bath houses. These new students were full of great questions and I wish them the best of luck in Morocco!

For those that mentioned they were keeping a blog, I’ve listed them here:

This experience also made me realize that my own blog posts might not answer some basic questions others might have. Therefore, I’m updating my tips for future finalists post with additional information. Hope it helps!

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