Arrived in Morocco!

Finally made it! Salaam Alekum! I’m just outside of Rabat with the 14 other Americans at a learning center where we’re staying for the night. We just drove up from Casablanca, where we flew into.

We started in NYC on the 16th, where we met each other and went over some basic info. On the 18th we started some basic vocab, and left for the airport. We flew to Madrid, arriving in Spain on the 19th around 6 in the morning. Most of us hadn’t slept on the 6 hour flight over, and began crashing at the airport. We had a 4 hour layover until the next flight, so we created a little fort area out of bags and blankets and tried to sleep. 2 hours after boarding the next flight, we touched down in our country of residence for the summer.

Walking outside for the first time was incredibly nice. It was sunny and warm, but a nice breeze kept it from being too hot. A welcome change from the inside of the airplanes and airports.

We piled into a bus/shuttle to take us to the learning center, and got to see parts of Casablanca. It was very tan, a stark comparison to all the green at home. We saw fields with animals and people walking through the streets, going about their daily lives. The ride was around two hours long, but I ended up sleeping for most of it. When I woke up we were passing through Rabat. I was especially interested in seeing how people on the street dressed, because I want to stick out as little as possible (beyond what I can’t control.)

At the learning center we got to relax, shower, and decompress a little. Then we had out first Moroccan meal:

The table all set up
Figs, dates, and sesame cookies for the appetizers.
The main meal: meat (cooked in a tagine), that you scoop up with pieces of bread. Delish.

Then for desert we had yogurt. The Arabic word for yogurt sounds similar to Dannon.

Tomorrow we continue our orientation here by learning Moroccan and Arabic basics!

I’ll be posting every couple of days. You can also read my friends’ blogs:

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