NSLI-Y Acceptance

NSLI-Y Scholarship

I have been accepted by the State Department for a full scholarship this summer to the National Security Language Initiative for Youth program! They will send me to Rabat, Morocco for intensive Arabic language training.

I go to NYC on June 16th for pre-program orientation, then fly out on the 18th. I’m there until August 4th, basically my entire summer. My days will mostly consist of classroom instruction in Arabic, but also cultural classes and “excursions”.

I didn’t know a lot (read: nothing) about Rabat, but a wikipedia search later, and I’m even more excited to be going to Morocco. There’s a heavy French influence, so I should have a backup if I’m really struggling with the Arabic. Rabat is the capital as well, and a large trading center. It’s a modern city with all the amenities of home!

I don’t know much else, but I should be getting more info soon! I’ll be posting about my experiences in this blog, under the Morocco category, and posting pictures to Instagram. Follow me on either to stay updated!

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